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"Ahead of Beyoncé's 2018 Coachella performance, we set out on a journey to change the world...and millions of lives in the process."
- Marco Borges
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Marco Borges
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"It's very simple. Every time you eat you're
either fueling disease or feeding health.
Let's feed our health."

-Marco Borges
A plant based diet was something that I always wanted to try but never had the tools to implement. I've known about the 22 Days Nutrition brand from their protein powders I've purchased at Target. I purchased the meal plan for my family as a way to transition to a healthier lifestyle. At first we were very nervous that I would not be satisfied on the meal plan but from day 1 I was full and happy. Within 2 weeks I would wake up feeling refreshed not needing coffee or having a midday slump.

- Sahina
I didn't know what to expect when I impulsively signed up for the plan. I thought I would immediately regret my decision when I saw the menus. However, what I found instead was a flexible plan that I could tailor to my likes and dislikes, as well as my busy schedule. I'm not the greatest cook, so to have menus that are less than 10 minutes for breakfast and lunch, and sometimes less than 30 minutes for dinner, has been a life-saver in the kitchen.

- Michelle
Being able to get personalized meal recommendations based on my skill level, cook time and dislikes has taken the guesswork out of what to cook – especially during the week when I don’t have much time and am tired from work. The recipes I’ve tried so far are full of flavor and I can easily check the nutrition details to see if I’m getting enough protein (one of my main concerns about going vegan). I’ve taken a glimpse at some of the more complex recipes and am really excited to try these on the weekend when I have a little more time.

- Melanie

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